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Graduate Researcher and Open Source Specialist (£35K)

Entry Requirements Graduate from UK University with at least 1 year work placement/experience Core subject required is Bio-Informatics and variant across UK universities would be accepted Essential IT skills including web technologies like HTML and CSS. Use of Online Collaboration Tools including Google Docs, Creative Cloud, Github and other similar platforms You’ll also need an […]

Experienced Developer and Analyst (£45K)

Entry Requirements Following is required: Minimum MPhil or PhD Degree in Electronics or Computer Engineering from UK Institute. 10+ years experience in and PHP development environments 5+ years experience of WordPress, Magento and their custom plugins, modules etc 2+ years experience in Xcode/Java for IOS and Android Development. Ability to produce cross platform apps […]


We are excited to announce that couple of new opportunities has come where we need two individuals that can work along with project managers on site and in our office to produce solutions. We are taping into Bioinformatics, Logictics, People Management and Process Management solutions. Please click below to see more details about the roles. […]