Graduate Researcher and Open Source Specialist (£35K)

Graduate Researcher and Open Source Specialist (£35K)

Entry Requirements

  • Graduate from UK University with at least 1 year work placement/experience
  • Core subject required is Bio-Informatics and variant across UK universities would be accepted
  • Essential IT skills including web technologies like HTML and CSS.
  • Use of Online Collaboration Tools including Google Docs, Creative Cloud, Github and other similar platforms
  • You’ll also need an understanding of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) web development standards.
  • Ability to speak and understand English and  Urdu. Exposure to European Languages including Spanish, German and French is a plus however you will be required to work on content in these languages.
  • Worked on at least one open source project in Bio-informatics.

Skills Required

You’ll need:

  • Excellent presentation skills
  • a good appreciation of design, usability and interactivity
  • creative skills to turn clients’ ideas into workable plan and present it to development team
  • excellent problem solving skills
  •  Understanding of responsive web design and mobile application testing workflows
  • Ability to translate content from one language to another and create graphics with multiple language presentations.
  • Understanding of issues, labels, projects and boards on github

You may need project management skills, ability to collaborate with remote developers.

What you’ll do

You will be working directly with clients to gather requirements, updating on existing progress and creating plans and presentations to present in board meetings. You will be reporting to Head of IT on daily basis with meetings in the morning, researching and exploring techniques and tools used in Bio-informatics and Web technologies to combine the two and remove bottle necks. Updating Reference repositories with what you are doing during the day. Reporting on issues and questions on existing code.

You will also be required to involve in active testing of feature released in both beta and staging environments. All of our system is cloud based so familiarity with google docs, evernote, git integrated Scrum boards would be needed. You will be working on testing of various file formats for Genome data and Bio-informatics sources used in research and report on differences.

You will also be required to manage a diary of events during the day on each assigned repository and report to developers on any issues that are blocking progress. Your input will be used to build a framework to enhance both development work flow and identify areas of improvement within project. You will be reporting this to client directly through our internal system.

You will be required to produce content in multiple languages including Spanish/German/French/Urdu/Hindi based on audience of meetings. These are already setup with Team Leads in various regions to facilitate and all this work would be based on google docs and github projects. You will be required to meet community representatives for European and Asian communities and present certain aspects of the project in their language.


35K + 10% bonus on objectives (yearly)

Working Hours Pattern and Environment

You are required to work minimum of 37 hours a week, Monday to Friday. Some evening or weekend work may be needed to meet deadlines.

Start time is 8:30am and 5:30pm is the end time. You will be based in our Manchester office however you may be required to report to our London, Northampton, Sheffield or Bradford Office based on phase of the project.

Training days are all held online and you can work from home on training days.

Career Path and Progression

This would lead to a senior project manager role, programmer, tester or a researcher. Our aim is to enhance your skills in the direction of interest. There are possible research position in industry that can be filled with experience from this role.


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