Management Solutions

Software Studio provides professional analysis which help large businesses to manage their staff, order, payments, clients etc by providing bespoke expandable online and offline solutions.

Many large business or medium size business which thinks to expand in future needs cost effective management system to have full control of the business. Software Studio had helped many corporate business by delivering them state of the art software solution. By having management system you can have eyes on your business all the time. Software studio will make sure that you can keep track of all activities online and offline which can be access from PC, mobile and tablets. If you are existing or new business and want a software to control your business or track stats of your business, call us now at +44(0)161 975 6016 or email us at

If you have existing system already running on your computers but its giving you error or cant be enhanced, our expert developers can assess and analyse your existing software structure and give you an expandable solution which might not cost you much.

If you are in trouble and cant find some one to fix your existing website, mobile application or software call us now at+44(0)161 975 6016 or email us at

Open Source Content Management Systems

Software Studio has been providing solutions to small businesses using open source content management systems. Such systems do not involve huge development costs and help low budget websites to be managed by a single person or a team of people. As with other solutions this has some pros and cons which you might already know. For example learning an open source management system might take time if you are not familiar with some computer jargon. These systems might not be fully compatible with your business model and may need tweaking to get them working for your business. Software Studio not only gives full service on such systems but we can also produce video tutorials and provide you help on using your new content managed website. In Past businesses like small shops run by individuals, eBay shop owners and businesses being run from home have benefited from this a lot. Contact software studio and we will get back to you suggesting which system is better for you.

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Bespoke CMS

Why bespoke web content management system?

To manage your business online you need to have a web content management system. We will understand your business model and provide you with a web content management system that best suits your business. Our bespoke web content management system allows you to create and manage your business in your own way. With the growth of your business our website content management system will make room for further progress using its scalable features. We also provide feature addition and social network integration into your existing CMS (web content management system). We will help you choose cost effective and dynamic CMS for your online or offline use. Our web developers can provide you brand new custom made web content management system which is not only according to your demands but also scalable to accomodate for future expansion.

What we offer?

Software Studio offers unique and latest technology bespoke content management for all kind of business either small or large. Software will develop custom secure software for business. Software studio will deliver an ideal CMS according to business plan. Which boost your online-business and online-marketing benefits business in all aspects.

API Integration

Everthought you can create a website which provides services like shopping, latest news etc while keeping its user in touch using their existing Twitter and facebook accounts. It is possible by using API (Application programming interface) provided by some popular websites. For example Twitter API allows you to give additional functionality of getting your users twitter account and tweet on it about something special on your website. Similarly once your customer has ordered something from you, it would be good to send an update to their facebook account which can then notify them instantly. This can be achieved using Facebook API. We can integrate these kind of services to your existing website or even better we can take your idea and create a new web application for you. Social Networking APIs are one thing but there are other APIs like Google Maps API, Google Docs API and Google Wave API which can bring loads of services to your customers at a very low cost. We can integrate payment gateways like Bibit, Sage and Paypal in your new website, or your existing e-commerce website. APIs from Ebay, and Cashback sites allow you to integrate auctions, shopping services and cashback services in your website. All these can bring more interaction for your customers making your bussiness not only popular but more beneficial.