We are excited to announce that couple of new opportunities has come where we need two individuals that can work along with project managers on site and in our office to produce solutions. We are taping into Bioinformatics, Logictics, People Management and Process Management solutions. Please click below to see more details about the roles.

1. Experienced Developer and Analyst (£45K)
2. Graduate Researcher and Open Source Specialist (£35K)

For more details on these roles please read links above. If you want to get in touch please send following to us:
1. Please only use email address to send information.
2. Provide CV with cover letter in word format.
3. Answers to Questions asked in vacancy detail page. (If you are an agency please get these from candidate before approaching us).
4. Time when you are available for informal chat . (If you are an agency please get this from candidate before you approach us)

Good luck

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